1. What makes Orbitrek.co.uk different from any other stores?

Orbitrek.co.uk is a store that focuses on the gym equipment market. Compared to other online stores, we want to give you the best list of products that you can actually take advantage of and have the best results.

We have our own research and marketing team that will help you, our customers, get the best deals on products from popular brands. We assure you that you will get top quality service from Orbitrek so that you can have the most hassle-free purchase experience using our platform.

2. Do you get products directly from factories or do you get them from third-party dealers?

We have agreements with numerous companies all over the country to make sure that you will get the lowest possible price on the products that we sell. We, at Orbitrek, aims to give the best service, the best products, and the best prices available.

3. How do I make an order in Orbitrek.co.uk?

Purchasing a fitness gym equipment in Orbitrek.co.uk is as easy as 1-2-3!

First, you just browse our wide array of fitness equipment available at our site. Are you looking to develop your muscles, build your stamina, increase resilience, tone your arms and legs, or just maintain a healthy body? See our offerings and decide which ones you want to buy from us.

Second, click on “Add to Cart” to ensure that you have included the product you like in your purchase. If you have vouchers or promo codes, you can input them at checkout.

Last, fill up the Personal Information Form, choose your mode of payment and confirm the products in your cart. Congrats! You have made your first purchase!

4. Who installs the equipment?

Our team of experts will assemble your equipment for you and will guide you step-by-step on how to install and maintain your product.

5. If I have a faulty product, what will I do?

We do quality checks of raw materials and equipment before selling them online so that you will get durable and satisfactory purchases. In the event that you have issues with the unit, you can just call our hotline or send us a message so that we can get in touch with you.

6. How do I void the warranty?

You can void the warranty of products if you do not take the proper procedure on how to install and assemble the equipment. Refer to the warranty card included in your manual for more information.